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Our new sermon series starting Sunday, April 28

Work is more than your 9-5. It’s everything that God calls you to do.

Whether it’s clocking in at the office, attending classes, raising children, managing your budget, all of it falls under the category of “work.” And this work is actually all part of God’s plan to redeem all of creation.

Our aim for this series is to see our work as part of God’s bigger story. We want to see our work as actively partnering with God to help accomplish what He’s doing throughout the world.

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To help facilitate LifeGroup discussion, we'll be posting resources for each week of the series.

Week 1: You Need A Story (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 2: You Need A Calling (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 3: You Need A Sabbath (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 4: You Need A Stable Identity (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 5: You Need A Mission (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 6: You Need Meaning For Your Frustrations (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 7: You Need Your Work (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

1 Corinthians | Part 2


In 1 Corinthians, Paul addresses the brokenness within the church at Corinth and how only the good news of Jesus can unify and restore. We want this series to be an opportunity to celebrate all the goodness and beauty of the church while also being honest about the struggle and difficulty of being the church.


To help facilitate LifeGroup discussion, we'll be posting resources for each week of the series.

Week 1: Flee From Idolatry (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 2: 5 Meals that Changed the World (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 3: Gospel-Centered Ethics (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 4: Haircuts and Head-Coverings (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 5: Build Up the Body in Love (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 6: No Seriously, Build Up the Body in Love (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 7: A Loving Community (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 8: Supernaturally Life-Giving Words (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 9: Supernaturally Life-Giving Words Part 2 (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 10: The Reminder We Need (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 11: Our Resurrection (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 12: Change the World with People You Love (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Serve the City


One of our favorite ways to kick off a new year is to rally our family toward Serve the City Weekend. To do that, we’re spending these first two weeks focused on understanding why we serve. We want to learn from Scripture and see how God first served us. Our goal is that the ultimate act of service, the Cross, would motivate us to sacrificially love and serve the people around us.

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Week 1: Count Others as More Significant - (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 2: Death Defying Compassion - (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 3: Jesus for Shalom - (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

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The gospel transforms us to be generous with not only our finances, but our time and energy as well. We are coming together to serve our six partner organizations and their clients at Serve the City Weekend from January 18-21, 2019.


We want to fund Serve the City events throughout the next year and continue to do things like feeding Epworth students each Wednesday night at Student Groups.