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Midtown Students is our youth ministry for high school and middle school students in our church. We’re dedicated to providing a place for students (6th -12th grade) to connect with God, with other students, and with older committed leaders that are dedicated to seeing students learn more about Jesus.

Upcoming Events:


Who can attend?
Any students in grades 6–12 may participate in our Students ministry.

Why have a students ministry?
Our vision for our whole church is to be a Jesus centered family on mission together. Why? Because we believe that Jesus is better than everything else, and being a family together is what Jesus calls us to. Our student ministry is for middle and high school students who want to be a part of our Jesus centered family on mission. We are excited to be about discipling students to be confident in what they think about Jesus, and who are excited to be Christians on mission in their schools.

What do Student gatherings looks like?
Student gatherings are the place where students and student leaders come together to be Jesus centered family. We have a rockstar team of adults who are excited about Jesus and helping students be like Jesus. At our student gatherings we’ll play games, build relationships, and learn about how to apply Jesus’ teachings to our lives.

Want to join?
It's not required, but you can reach out and let us know below.

Want to help out with Students ministry?
We're always looking for faithful volunteers to help us tell middle and high schoolers about Jesus. To become a Students volunteer, click the button below.