Everything we do runs through the filter of helping us become a Jesus-centered family on mission with Him. In light of that we have a laser-like focus on Gatherings and LifeGroups. We gather on Sundays for the proclamation of the gospel, equipping Christians for the work of ministry, and worshipping Jesus for who He is. Currently our Sunday Gatherings are held at Meadow Glen Elementary School at 10am.

The church described in the New Testament cannot fully happen during an hour long meeting on a Sunday so we heavily emphasize LifeGroup involvement. LifeGroups are small groups of believers who meet during the week for spiritual encouragement and the goal is to actually become family together where we do everyday, ordinary life together. Our LifeGroups seek to practice the "one another" commands of the New Testament (love one another, encourage one another, confess your sins to one another, serve one another) on a daily basis and we encourage everyone, even non-Christians checking out the teachings of Jesus, to join a LifeGroup.

Our Kids and Student ministry philosophy also follows the Gatherings & LifeGroups model because we want to build into kids and students what it looks like to be the church together from an early age. Our Kidtown ministry meets during Gatherings on Sundays and has age-appropriate teaching and small group discussion and application, and our student ministry operates under the same philosophy of applying what was taught in the context of deepening spiritual relationships with other believers.

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