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STC | Transitions | Talent Show

We’re hosting a Talent Show for the residents at Transitions on May 21st.

We are looking for a few people from Midtown who are willing to perform in case we need to get the ball rolling on the talent show. Typically Transitions residents aren't shy, but we want to be prepared just in case. We also need people who are willing to cheer for the residents who perform!

Please bring snacks/desserts/drinks to share. This will be a fun opportunity to build relationships the residents and staff. We hope you can join us!

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to May 5

Milestones Weekend


Bad news: Parenting is hard.

We rarely feel ready for the non-stop demands, obstacles and challenges that children bring. And as soon as we begin to feel like we’ve figured it out, the target changes and we often feel lost again.

Good news: We’re here to help.

Milestones is our family discipleship program to help you and your children be prepared for the natural stages of childhood development. It’s built on noticing and celebrating the significant points of transition that children go through on their journey to adulthood.

We will host our Milestones Weekend for our Family of Churches on May 4th-5th. Milestones Weekend is a weekend devoted to training and encouraging all of our parents, grandparents, and anyone interested in helping raise disciples in the next generation. It will consist of a conference on Saturday from 8:30-2pm and additional free family coaching during the 9am and 11:15am gatherings at our Downtown church.

Pre-registration for the Milestones Conference 2019 is closed. However, you can still register for the event at 8:30am on Saturday!

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8:30 AM08:30

STC | DSS | Childcare for Foster Family Training

We are partnering with DSS to provide childcare for a Foster Family Training event for the Lexington and Richland communities on April 27. The event will be held at 1800 Blanding Street and aims to make trainings more convenient for foster families as they typically travel long distances to get the training they need.

We will be expecting around 100 adults to attend the training and will need childcare volunteers to watch their kids during that time. Please sign up soon so we can take the necessary steps to ensure the safety for all children in our care.

Breakfast will be provided for all volunteers.

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7:00 PM19:00

Good Friday


On April 19 at 7:00pm, we will kick off Easter Weekend by hosting a Good Friday Gathering for all three of our churches at our Downtown location. This Gathering will be a night of reverent meditation on what Jesus accomplished for us in the hours He was hanging on the cross. Our Good Friday Gathering will include singing to Jesus and reflecting on both our sin and His sacrifice. 

Kidtown will be available during the Gathering.  

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6:00 PM18:00

STC | Transitions | Storytelling and Worship Night


We will be throwing a Storytelling and Worship Night for the residents at Transitions on April 18th. The Storytelling and Worship Night is an opportunity for us to spend quality time with the residents at Transitions while enjoying the stories and songs from members of our church family. We want people within our church family to come tell engaging stories where they have seen God work in their life, or lead the group in songs of worship and thankfulness. Think coffee shop vibes but all centered around Jesus.

This is a great chance for us to continue to build relationships with the residents and staff at Transitions while helping foster conversations about Jesus. This is also a great opportunity to invite residents to our Easter Gathering.

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8:00 AM08:00

STC - Home Works Housing Blitz

Homeworks Housing Blitz Web.jpg

On April 6, we’ll partner with Home Works for a Housing Blitz. Home Works For America exists to serve the poor, widowed and elderly in our community with home repairs that they are unable to accomplish on their own. If you have served with Home Works in the past or would love to join us with a paint brush or hammer please sign up today.

For more information about this organization, go to

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7:00 AM07:00

STC - Curing Kids Cancer Fire Truck Pull

CKC Firetruck Pull.jpg

An organization called Curing Kids Cancer is hosting their annual Fire Truck Pull as a fundraiser for childhood cancer research. During this event, teams will be competing to pull a fire truck in the fastest time. This organization was started by the family of one of our Midtown members and they’re asking for volunteers to help make sure this event happens.

To find out more information about this organization, go to

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4:00 PM16:00

Family Worship Night

Family Worship Night 2019web.png

Join us on Sunday, February 17 for our Family Worship Night. Our Kids and Families ministry works by partnering with parents to raise kids who love Jesus. One way we do that is by hosting events that help support family discipleship and keep our families connected with one another. At our Family Worship Night we’ll sing songs, pray, read scripture and a enjoy a meal together.


  • 4pm-5pm Kidtown Family Worship | Kidtown at 1800 Blanding St.

  • 5pm-6pm | Family Connect Dinner | Kidtown at 1800 Blanding St.

  • 6pm-7pm | Student Groups Family Worship | Student Groups Building 1819 Taylor St.


Pick on attending the portion that best fits your family:

  • Kidtown Family Worship + Dinner: 4:00pm-6:00pm
    (I only have kids in Kidtown.)

  • Student Groups Family Worship + Dinner: 5:00pm-7:00pm
    (I only have kids in Student Groups.)

  • Both Kidtown & Student Groups Family Worship + Dinner: 4:00pm-7:00pm
    (I have kids in both Kidtown and Student Groups.)

*If you have children in Kidtown and Student Groups, your older kids are invited to participate with their younger siblings during Kidtown Family Worship and childcare will be available for your younger kids during Student Groups Family Worship.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us here. 

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9:00 AM09:00

Personal Finance Seminar

Personal Finance Web.jpg

We will host our Personal Finance Seminar for our family of churches on Saturday, January 26 from 9:00am - 3:00pm. The Bible and Jesus speaks regularly about money and possessions. In His ministry, Jesus regularly connected the way we handle money as a direct pointer to our spiritual state. We want to equip and help our church family to steward the financial resources that God has entrusted to them for His glory. Our Personal Finance Seminar will provide practical training on how to manage finances as a Christian and will include topics like paying off debt, budgeting, generosity, and investing.

The event will be in our Student Groups Building at 1819 Taylor Street.
Lunch and childcare will be provided.

For more information on the seminar, please contact Wesley Butler

Sign-ups for this event are now closed.

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to Jan 21

Serve the City Weekend

STC Weekend Header-01.png

o kick off 2019, we are asking everyone to participate in our Serve the City Weekend. We’ll start on Friday, January 18 and end on Monday, January 21. Last year we had over 500 people come out and serve our partner organizations for a combined 2600+ hours of service. Throughout the weekend, we'll join together to rally, serve, prepare, and celebrate. We hope to see you there.

The schedule will be:

  • Friday - Rally Gathering at 6:30pm | 1800 Blanding St.

  • Saturday - Serve at sites throughout the day

  • Sunday - Vision & Prepare Service at 5:00pm | 1800 Blanding St.

  • Monday - Celebrate at sites

You can sign up to serve with one of our partner organizations by hitting the button below.

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10:00 AM10:00

City-Wide Celebration Sunday

Celebration Sunday Web-01.jpg

On November 18, our family of churches will join together for a city-wide Celebration Sunday. In the morning we’ll host a Baptism Gathering at 10:00am, with a family-friendly party outside afterward. We’ll have delicious food and plenty of fun activities so be sure to stick around. Later on we’ll come back together for a Night of Prayer and Worship at 5:00pm. We're excited to see how God has used our church family as we've taken steps to see Every Group Around the Pool.

During both the morning and evening Gatherings childcare will be available for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 3 years.

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10:30 AM10:30

Baptism Gathering

We will host our Baptism Gathering for our Downtown, Two Notch, and Lexington churches on Sunday, November 22. Our Baptism Gathering is a special Gathering where we baptize those in our family of churches that have begun a relationship with Jesus. Childcare will be provided for kids 2 & under, and older children are invited to join with us for the Gathering.

Since we'll be in a cafeteria we are encouraging everyone to bring a bag lunch, hang out afterwards, and eat together.

Our churches will not hold their normal Gathering times on this day.

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6:30 PM18:30

LifeGroup Leader Meeting

We will host our LifeGroup Leader Meeting for our all churches on Tuesday, September 15. Leader Meeting is a night of equipping and encouragement for LifeGroup leaders, leaders-in-training and coaches. It will consist of teaching and fellowship and will last until around 9:00. Dinner and childcare will be provided.

The event starts officially at 7:00pm, but feel free to arrive at 6:30 for a surprise.

For more information, contact Mia Blanton.

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1:30 PM13:30

LifeGroup Leader Basic Training

We will host our LifeGroup Leader Basic Training for our family of churches on Sunday, August 30. Basic Training is a session of equipping and coaching for new LifeGroup leaders. It will consist of training and discussion of groups and leadership and will last from 1:30-4:30.

For more information, contact Benjamin Peele at

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6:30 PM18:30

Family Meeting

We will host our Family Meeting for all of our churches on Thursday, August 20th at 6:30 pm. Family Meeting is a gathering of our family of churches to sync up missionary members of all of our churches. It will consist of fellowship with church family as well as updates on our churches, and will last until 8:30pm.

Childcare will be provided, but dinner will not, so eat before you come!

For more information, contact Mia Blanton at

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