Personal Liturgy


All of the pictures of an abundant, joyful, others-centered, and God-ward life that we see throughout the pages of the Bible often feel far from reality in the hustle and bustle of 21st century existence. Apathy, distraction, self-reliance, cynicism and self-absorption steal our joy and rot us from the inside out. 

So we are taking 5 months to fight these things with everything we have--to fight for our joy and peace and vitality and flourishing as humans made to image and be filled by the God who created us. 

The things you do do things to you, so join us in taking a deeper look at the things we do.


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To help facilitate LifeGroup discussion we'll be posting resources for each week of the series. Homelinks are a tool used to connect parents and their children by helping them review what's being taught on Sundays - we'll be posting one for each week of the series. 


Week 1: The Life You Were Made For (And the Things that Ruin It) (Study Guide) (Homelink)


Week 2: The Things You Do Do Things to You (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 3: The Things You DON'T Do Do Things To You (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 4: Lay Aside Every Weight (Study Guide) (Homelink)


Week 5: You Were Made to Behold (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 6: Be Still and Know that I Am God (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 7: Redeem the Time - All It Takes is Minutes to Change Your Life


Week 8: Pray Like Jesus Part 1

Week 9: Pray Like Jesus Part 2

Week 10: Pray Like Jesus Part 3


Week 11: The Doubting Thomas in All of Us

Week 12: Why "Parakletos" Should be Your Favorite Word

Week 13: Learning How to Hear God from the Life of Paul


Week 14: Inviting Jesus into Your Personal Growth

Week 15: A Blueprint for Biblical Encouragment

Week 16: The Joy of a Life That's Not About You


Week 17: Seeing and Celebrating What God Has Done