Each Sunday, we host Gatherings. Gatherings is our word for services–when God's people come together to be reminded of the gospel, celebrate the implications of the gospel, and be challenged to continue living lives on mission throughout the week.

Since expectations are different for different people, we wanted to provide some help on what to prepare for at our Gatherings.

Here's some of what to expect at our Gatherings:

  1. Come as you are. We don't have any particular dress code for our Gatherings. You're welcome to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. You'll probably be among some people in their Sunday best and some people in flip-flops.
  2. Our Gatherings are short enough to endure, but long enough to matter. Gatherings at our church generally contain 35-50 minutes of teaching, and 20-30 minutes of music.
  3. Childcare is provided at our Gatherings. Our 10:00am Gathering offers Kidtown, our ministry for kids six weeks through fifth grade. Find out more about Kidtown here.
  4. We won't ask for your money. We do take up an offering during our Gathering, but that's for our members. You won't be asked to give or be put on the spot.
  5. We use real-world words. We try to avoid "churchiness" as much as possible. If we use unfamiliar terminology, we aim to always explain what we mean. Our goal is to make sure no one feels alienated by insider language.