Gathering Recap 5.22.2016

Sermon: Ordinary Work


This week was our final week of Ordinary is not Insignificant. Michael Bailey led us through a sermon about ordinary work from Genesis 2:15.  Here is a quick recap of this week’s Gathering:

In our culture work is often seen as something that we have to do in order to provide but it is not something that really goes along with our Christian Faith.  This narrative that work is a necessary evil or punishment couldn’t be further from the truth. Work is not keeping us from the good life. Work is a part of the good life! Work is not the result of God being mad at us. Rather, Work is one of God’s gifts to us.

1. Your Work is Significant Because it is a Part of God’s Work.

We have to get it through our heads that God is actually doing a lot more than just saving people and fighting injustice. He is doing those two things and he’s doing more than that. He’s bringing order. He’s providing for others. And your job joins him in that.  The latin word “vocare” - to call - is where we get our word vocation from. And this is what many of us need to see: Your work is a calling to you from God… to be his fingers providing and caring for the world.

2. Your Work is Significant Because it is Worship.

Colossians 2:23-24. tells us your work, whatever it may be, is an offering and a means to show off the greatness of Jesus. It’s a means to honor Him and reflect who He is to the world around you. Whether you’re a boss, or an employee, a caregiver, and everything in between.  When you work for the good of others, you reflect how he worked for the good of you and how he has already accomplished the hardest work of laying his life down on a cross so that you would be saved. That all of your sins would be forgiven and your life would be provided for eternally.



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