Gathering Recap 8.28.2016

This week was the third week of our current series, Exiles. We talked about what the Bible has to say about holiness, looking at 1st Peter 1:14-21. Here is a quick recap:

Peter wants the exiles to understand that their mission isn’t just to show the world what heaven is like, but to show the world what God is like. Peter shows them that the only way to showcase the truest sense of what God is like is for us to be holy.

4 Truths about Holiness

1) Holiness is not self-righteousness

Holiness is humble, whimsical, and gracious. It’s a demeanor that can only come from being in a relationship with Jesus. As we walk with Him, His holiness flows through you. It’s something God has to do in you and through you, to make you look like Him even when you know you could never look like Him on your own. Holiness isn’t self-righteousness; it’s humble confidence in Jesus’ righteousness.

2) Holiness is not boring

Sin is utterly predictable. It’s boring to the point of being asinine. It’s the same story of self-interest leading to despair and damage, every single time. But in the midst of the insanity and boredom and predictability of our sin, God steps in and says you are ransomed from your futile ways. Holiness is not boring, or stodgy, or lame. It’s joyful and unpredictable. It’s what we were all made for.

3) Holiness is more then inaction

In modern Christianity, it seems like the focus is largely on holiness by avoidance. There are definitely things that the Scriptures call us to avoid as but holiness by avoidance is not at all representative of the totality of what it means to represent God through holiness. God doesn’t just not do things. He’s acting and moving and working. In order to be a faithful Christian and follow God into His holiness, we have to care about holiness by avoidance and holiness by action. Holiness is doing what God does.

4) Holiness isn’t a performance

Ultimately, holiness isn’t something that we can accomplish on our own. The reality is that you cannot perform your way into being someone’s child. It requires them to act on your behalf, either by giving birth to you or adopting you. Holiness isn’t a performance. Holiness is the product of being with your Father. You won’t glow with God’s utter uniqueness, joy and holiness unless you know Him and grow to act like Him.


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