Gathering Recap 7.31.2016


This week was the 8th week of our Recovery series. We spoke on Lust out of 1 Corinthians 6. This is a quick recap of this week’s Gathering:

If you have a relationship with Christ you will start to understand that the “rules” of the Bible aren’t really rules at all, but more so undeserved opportunities to find life in God instead of death in our idols. If you view God as a needy God trying to control you, One who needs your worship so badly that He sets up all these rules to force you to love him then:


a) You literally couldn’t have a more opposite view of the God of the Bible.


b) None of this will convince you.

When God created us, He created us in His image. His plan was for us to find complete joy and satisfaction in having a relationship with Himself, and He freely gave it to us. Yet through our sin, we became separate from God. Our soul, which was once overflowing with love from our Father, was now empty. The reason so many of find ourselves in the pit of sexual sin, is because an intimate experience with an image bearer of God, even though it is a distant second, it’s similar enough to what our souls were created for that it becomes something very easy for us to worship.    

And this is exactly what our culture does, whether we realize it or not, we worship sex and sexual experiences.

How do we fight lust and sexual sin in our lives?

1.     We need to focus on Jesus.  

2.     Get some brothers/sisters in arms.

3.     Know your triggers.

4.     Put yourself in position to succeed.

5.     We need marriages that are full of rich sexual beauty.


Before The Throne by Shane and Shane

All I Have is Christ by Sovereign Grace  

Hallelujah What a Savior by Ascend the Hill 

Jesus Thank You by Sovereign Grace