Gathering Recap 11.14.2017

We’ve made it. This past Sunday was our last Sunday looking at God’s calling for Christian exiles in 1st Peter. Matt Crawford, who is part of Midtown Columbia’s Leadership Institute, joined us this 14th week to share with us Peter’s call for the exiles to live in firm humility, looking at 1 Peter 5:4-11. Peter gives the exiles three specific instances in which it is important to practice humility.

1.) Peter calls the exiles to be humble by being subject to the elders

2.) Peter calls the exiles to clothe themselves in humility toward one another

3.) Peter calls the exiles to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God


So with a healthy understand of how to submit to humility within our church family, Matt gave us three reasons as to why we should submit to humility.


1.) Submit to humility because, at the right time, God will exalt us as He cares for us.

2.) Submit to humility so we will be sober-minded and equipped to diligently resist the schemes of the adversary.

3.) Submit to humility, because there is full assurance that Lord will fully restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish us as His people at the end of days.


Humility, then, is a posture that correctly recognizes who we are before God and other people. It frees us up to resist our enemy the devil and the seductions of this world. It frees us to a wonderful life - a life of humble resistance. It’s tough. Unbelievably tough. But it’s worth it. For every area of our lives, we need a savior first, and an example second. In the case of humility, we have the perfect humble savior who is our chief shepherd - not domineering, but a perfect example of humility. His being willing to humble himself and live the life that we could not live, die the very death that we deserve, and raise us up to new life with him by grace, through faith. He perfectly resisted temptation because he knew the joy that was set before him. His willingness to do that is also our motivation. Because the joy set before us is when he appears either to us after our death, or when he returns, we will receive the unfading crown of glory, which is eternal life.

Songs from this week:

Praise the Lord Ye Heavens Adore Him- Young Oceans

All I Have is Christ- Summit Worship

Hallelujah! What A Savior! - Ascend the Hill

You Hold Me Now- Hillsong