Gathering Recap 10.30.2016

We were super excited to have Brandon Clements back preaching with our Lexington family for

our 12 th week in the “Exiles” series in 1st Peter. This week, Brandon taught through 1st Peter 4:7-11 and shows us Peter’s calling for those in the church family to work together to change the world. In this passage, Peter encourages the exiles to display the gospel that we have tasted and seen in Jesus through four main ways:

1.) Be Sober-Minded- Verse 7

Peter calls the exiles to get their minds right; to arm themselves with the same way of thinking

to be willing to choose suffering; to do hard things for other people. Peter urges the exiles to be sober minded and to make sure that they are fighting for the right things, because he knows all too well that our time as a church family in exile is going to be short-lived. In light of the fact that our time here is short, Peter wants to make sure that the exiles don’t wake up one day and proclaim, “Man! I really didn’t spend my life well.”

2.) Love One Another Earnestly- Verse 8

Ask yourself this: would anyone suspect Jesus as a factor in the way you love the people around you? For real though, if someone that didn’t really know you well looked at the way you

interacted with and cared for people in your life, would they have a reason to think that Jesus

might be the motivation behind it? This is what Peter is getting at in verse 8. Loving one

another earnestly is to give up your time and space to care for those around you, even when it

costs you.

3.) Show Hospitality to One Another Without Grumbling- Verse 9

Peter knew that being hospitable was a costly thing for people, and that sometimes being

hospitable could seem more like a burden than a blessing. However, Peter also knew that

family happens in homes. Family happens around the table, and around mugs at the breakfast

nook, and bonfires in the backyard. The world doesn’t need more “church friends,” the world

needs more family. Bring people in to your homes to experience the intimate and messy parts

of life together for the sake of building gospel community.

4.) Serve One Another- Verses 10-11

A healthy church family should show off God accurately in the insistence that everyone plays.

That is to say, there should be no spectators in our church family. Peter urges the exiles to step up and take ownership of the life and healthy and vitality of our shared church community.


Brandon closed the sermon by offering 4 practical ways to take ownership for those that are a

part of our church family.

1.) Take your role as Lifegroup member seriously.

2.) Take your role in Gatherings seriously.

3.) Give.

4.) Own your block.

We’ve been given a beautiful mission as exiles. Let’s commit to living and working well together as we move towards changing the world with the people we love.

Songs from this Week:

1. Before the Throne- King’s Kaleidescope

2. What a Beautiful Name- Hillsong Worship

3. Rock of Ages- Ascend the Hill

4. Grace Alone- King’s Kaleidescope